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KorganoS's Utawarerumono Game Review


Rated: 7

All in all, I really enjoyed playing Utawarerumono. And so far, I'm enjoying the anime series, too. It's not a jawdropping high-tech game, nor a super hentai game whatsoever, but Utaware gives the player and audience a long-lasting experience. I am brought to tears and joy by the story, and I'm enjoying every minutes of the battle scenes. There's not much humor in the story, considering this is an epic novel-style story, but I think Hakuoro's character is very interesting, and the girls are very lovable ^^

My advice:
If you want to plunge into Utaware world, start by watching the anime. After you are able to get a grasp on the story background, then the game will explain even more and will be more entertaining to you.

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